MAS Technologies




MAS Technologies provides high quality, cost-effective data capture services and products. Our experience has helped us to service customers with a wide range of data collection requirements used in form design, testing, reporting, surveys, evaluation documents such as course evaluation and instructor evaluation, etc.

Enhance your own data collection efforts by using one or more aspects of our service or let MAS Technologies be your total information gathering solution by:

  1. Designing machine-readable or web-based scan forms tailored to your specific data collection needs.

  1. Professionally printing the data collection forms in large or small quantities.

  1. Mailing the documents to your customers, students, alumni, employees, etc.

Key Alliances:

Scantron Corporation: MAS Technologies are appointed Pakistan distributors for the Scantron Corporation  range of Optical Mark Readers (OMR) and Image Scanners. We can offer full maintenance and repair services.

Gravic, Inc. is a leader in optical mark recognition and data collection software technology. Their scanning, analysis, and exporting software provides Windows-based solutions for collecting data from paper-based and web-based forms.

Data Capture Methodologies...

When comparing the two types of technology (Image/OMR) potential users should look carefully at the task they wish to undertake before selecting their proposed system. Put simply, anyone intending to gather survey data or undertake Multiple Choice Questionnaires where no complex image capture other than marks on a paper are being collected should consider OMR, which can prove to be both faster and more cost effective. All major OMR manufacturers have introduced relatively low cost automatic feed machines which are capable of much higher throughput speeds (as they are processing & storing information in real-time) than a comparably priced Image scanner.

However, should users wish to undertake the capture of other data types such as dates, handwritten numbers or text (Intelligent Character Recognition - ICR) then OMR scanners cannot undertake this task type . whereas Image scanners can, (still within certain constraints even though the ICR/OCR recognition software is improving all the time). The main requirement and advantage of Imaging as seen by users is the ability to undertake both OMR and OCR data capture using one machine (including capturing the same type of marks used by OMR’s).